Bartholomew Nickel Mint

Automatic Peanut Roaster
and Corn Popper

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This machine is 32 in by 53 in by 50 in.  It weighs 300 pounds.  It has a finely finished glass case with glass partitions and a sliding door for each compartment.  It has two cylinders, one directly above the other.  The lower one is for peanuts and the upper one is for popcorn.  It can roast 13-14 quarts of peanuts in one roasting and about one quart of flake corn per minute.  It is mounted on 20 inch rubber tire wheels. 

This machine was the second largest in the c. 1900 Spring Power Bartholomew line.  They were (in order from largest to smallest) the Stunner, Nickel Mint, Rival, Ripper, and Boss on Wheels.  Their Slogan was: "IT WILL PLEASE YOU.  The cost of one of those Machines is buried beneath its Earnings."


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