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The 1899 Cretors' #1- is the third oldest Cretors machine in existence today. This is a marvelous example of the before and the after miracle of restoration work. A very well engineered machine, it includes a boiler to keep both popped corn and roasted peanuts warm. The original machine was sold to A.L. Hill Decatur, Illinois on February 7, 1899 FOR $400.00. It for some unknown reason, was returned and then sold again on April 26, 1899 to Mr. F.M. Wood, Webb City, Missouri, The restoration was done by Pearson and Company, 307 W. Cedar, Olathe, Kansas 66061. Bob Pearson obtained this from a man who purchased it in Joplin, Missouri, not far south of Webb City where it was originally sold. This is the third oldest existing Cretors Popcorn Wagon. The oldest is in the Cretors Popcorn Factory in Chicago, Illinois, and the second oldest is in Belgium.

This restoration is beautifully done but there was nothing done on bearings and a few other working parts that still probably do need attention. It had a fully restored boiler placed in its proper location so it would be safe to fire it up. The Cretors clown and animated cylinder is used for either popcorn or peanuts. More commonly you will see it with peanuts, although popcorn is being displayed in this illustration. As an attention getter, the machine has a whistle on top triggered by a leather cord. It has a governor to control the speed, a pressure release valve to avoid danger of explosion, a sight glass for the boiler, and beautifully worked glass. This restoration has been done with all the original materials that were used on the original machine. (The only replacements that have been made were necessary in order to have a fully restored machine and were always done with the original type materials.)

We also have a 1912 Cretors #1 in our collection that has a slightly different look.


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