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1906 Cretors' #2


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The Cretors No. 2 popcorn antique that we bought had originally come from Bobby Babcock in California. He bought it in 1973 or 1974 and had it in his house for a long time. Jim Durant had an auction when he went bankrupt. Bobby bought many wagons. He used them at the Santa Anita race track in the late '60s and early '70s. They had electric kettles in some of the original wagons but, of course, that wasn't the original equipment. He owned 10 wagons at his peak. They were Model C and Model D wagons. The Model TT Craven truck that at one time was in Canada and photographed in Canada.

Jim Durant went bankrupt. He had gone into the manufacturing of bird cages. He almost lost his mind. When he was going to go bankrupt, he took the original antiques which had been in piles in the warehouse. Bobby Babcock negotiated on one of the piles hoping he had a full unit. He was missing some parts for the wagon. He said Durant had stripped the name tags off so they could not be traced. He said Knotts Berry Farm lost the bid to him. About 12-15 wagons were sold at that auction. There was a Model A side door special with all red cobalt glass. It was the fanciest horse drawn unit he had ever seen.


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