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The Cretors Earn-More Popcorn Machine Model No. 6 SF was originally sold to C.W. Cupples, Massillon , Ohio , on October 6, 1917, for $325.00. This machine was bought from Ron Heatley, in Detroit , Michigan .

When the machine was received by us, it did not include the clown or tumble cylinder on the top of the peanut roaster as it had apparently been removed at some time in the past. The design in this is very similar to the #6 gas and steam driven unit in which the peanut roaster is up and to the rear of the machine and the finished and roasted peanuts are dispensed into the cabinet at the bottom through an enclosed duct, much like a furnace duct, at the rear of the machine. These units have heated warming pans, generally under the popcorn area as well as the peanut area. Pearson and Company of Olathe , Kansas , has the castings for the original Cretors clown and offers the same identical outfit and clown castings as were originally shown on the machines. We have kept those clowns that we acquired when buying the antiques prior to restoration.

The Earn-More was the most profitable machine sold by Cretors. This was because of the low cost to produce the machine and the large volume of machines sold.  Advertisements for this machine promised yearly new profits of $500 to $3000.


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