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Cretors 1926 Eclipse


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This machine has Serial No. 26279. It was originally sold October 26, 1926 to R.K. Ferry of Warren, Ohio, for $750. This antique was purchased by the Wyandot Popcorn Museum in May of 1982 from Richard Mead in Ashtabula, Ohio. It was in the worst condition of any antique that we have restored to date. It had to have many parts completely replaced due to the severe rusting. In every case, replacements were typical of the original part. Restoration was completed in late October, 1983.

This popcorn machine is typical of the conversion to electricity and it was one of the first Cretors, if not the first, to be built with all electric heating element and agitation. During the transition between the steam powered Cretors poppers and the electric powered, most of them were made with electricity for agitation and lighting and white gas (Naphtha) for cooking the popcorn.


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