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The Cretors 1927 Model TT Ford Concession Truck is both beautiful and functional. Every part of this unit works - from the engine of the truck itself to all parts of the poppers. Marionites get a regular glimpse of the truck as it makes a trek through the streets during the annual Marion Popcorn Festival.

This truck was originally sold on April 11, 1927 to Mr. L.C. Brinkmeyer of Steward, Nebraska. It was listed correctly in the Cretors sales records as a Model D Auto & Peanut-Popper with steam power. The price was $3,000.00. The restoration is by Pearson & Company, Inc. of Olathe, Kansas. Bob Pearson purchased the truck in Mesquite, Texas in 1973 in the condition shown on the photograph pictured here. Pearson sold it to Wyandot Popcorn Company in July of 1981 with the understanding that it would be fully restored and ready for the Museum opening that was scheduled for May of 1982. The Museum did not open until September of 1982. The restoration was completed in late March of 1985. Everything on the truck is operational. Originally, the truck was powered with white gas (Naphtha) to drive the steam engine, pop the corn and operate the peanut roaster. That has been converted to propane. It had been our original intention to have it available for both propane and white gas (Naphtha) but white gas burners have not been located. The Model TT Truck is one of seven remaining Cretors concession trucks of the Model T Style. There are three remaining of the more elegant and expensive Buda style. There are three remaining Cretors concession trucks of the Model A Style. All of the Model TT Trucks have been restored except one which Mr. Pearson says is a basket case and may never be restored.


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