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1922 Twin Popper Store Front #401

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In addition to wagons, Cretors made a number of popcorn machines for stores and other locations. The Cretors 401 cooked the corn with white hot gas and agitated the kernels using an electric motor. It was not until after World War I that poppers gradually made the switch from white gas (Naphtha) and steam engines to electric power. This machine was sold to G.N. Negus of Adrian, Michigan on February 4, 1922 for $1,450.00. Wyandot purchased it for $4,500.00 from Stage Coach Stop, Inc. 7203 U.S. 12, Irish Hills, Onsted, Michigan 49265. Although this machine was not in particularly good condition, it did have all the original intact side panels with the signs and lettering as originally used. Using these old panels and replacing them with new panels, we were able to use an artist who exactly reproduced the original style of lettering and scroll material. This Cretors Model 401 did not have the clown or tumbler at purchase time such as is illustrated in the catalog and therefore to fully complete the restoration of this popper they were added in 1984. This restoration was the most beautifully done antique that we had prepared by 1984. It took much time to find the necessary parts and get the lettering and artistic scroll work done perfectly. The Cretors Model 401 is quite rare, in fact Charlie Cretors, the founder's great-grandson, had never seen one before. A smaller version was a part of Hillcrest Cadillac collection in Hollywood, CA, prior to the death of Mr. Brown, the owner of Hillcrest.


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