Stutsman Machines

Stutsman 1911 Ideal


Wyandot acquired this 1911 Ideal Popcorn Popper and Peanut Roaster by R. O. Stutsman from Don McElhinney of Marion, Iowa. Wyandot traded a Bartholomew Peanut Roaster, a machine similar to the Bartholomew they presently have displayed in the Museum, plus $3,000.00.

When Wyandot received this machine, it was 60% restored. Wyandot's restoration crew needed to install the burners, add a piece of metal to catch the peanuts as they spill out of the roaster and replace a window. It required body shop painting of all metal parts and an artist's restoration of the Ideal signage. Like other economy models of its time, this machine is spring wound and burns on white gas (Naphtha). It has a popcorn popper which pops the corn in butter and a heated popcorn display cabinet as well as a peanut warming display cabinet. Another interesting feature is the fact that it has wooden wheels. When new, the Ideal cost $195.00. Today, this machine has been appraised at $6,750.00. This unit features a white gas (Naphtha) torch for light as well as a peanut roaster which, when completed, dumped into the peanut storage drawer. Wyandot's restoration crew needed to reproduce the burners. The spring driven peanut roaster and popper agitator was bound with a large removable crank.


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